John David Earnest

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Fanfare Magazine (March/April 2017) Review Quotes

About Chimera Waltzes

” The writing is gracious and, for the bass flute, remarkable. Everything just feels right, from the balance to the tempos.”
Colin Clarke

“There is a certain Les Six quality to the writing here, as well, and a great deal of charm in the depiction of the hodgepodge beast.”
Ronald E. Grames

“…this is music that commands and demands the listener’s full engagement.
Tension and release is a big part of this piece, and the quiet conclusion is very effective, leaving the listener alone to think.
It took me two hearings to feel that I began to get the piece, but in the end I found it a gratifying experience.”
Henry Fogel

“This work, lasting almost a quarter hour, stands out as a major addition to the repertory for winds.”
David DeBoor Canfield


About Serenade and Dance

“… [in] John David’s piece… there’s a real warmth to the harmonies of the Serenade. It has time to stretch itself, to really create
an atmosphere, which is wonderful; the Dance is beautifully light, both in composition and performance.”

Colin Clarke

“… a lovely, lyrical serenade rounded off with a gently bucolic dance that contrasts pleasingly with the preceding dances.”

Ronald E. Grames

"I may say the same [stands out as a major addition to the repertory for winds] about Earnest’s Serenade and Dance…”
David DeBoor Canfield


CHIMERA - CD Review from the Flutist Quarterly - Winter 2018

"The overall atmosphere of this recording is dramatic, almost balladic. 
John David Earnest’s Chimera Waltzes is epic in scope, starting with 
a waltz in the piano that is aggressive and angular. 
A lyrical middle section allows for both a mysterious bass flute interlude 
and a very impressive clarinet cadenza that shows off Scott’s expressiveness. 
All of it falls within the rhythm and flow of a waltz, but it is perhaps a waltz with someone not quite sane!"